We know that traveling internationally can be intimidating. Whether on your own or with a friend, there are challenges to overcome. But it doesn't have to be scary - it can be fun, invigorating, and most importantly, it can transform your life.

Journey Soulo can help you dream big and travel bigger by providing you support services that give peace-of-mind and security, as well as encouragement to step outside your comfort zone and experience the little moments that bring big change to your life.



When you travel with us, you are in control. This is not a group tour. Nobody decides for you what you are going to see or when. Soulo staff is your support team offering you as much or as little assistance as you need for the duration of your trip.

Through "how-to" walking tours, self-guided travel challenges, hands-on training, and 24-hour access to staff, Soulo offers a safety net unmatched by other travel agencies. Travel with us and you'll have all the tools you need to make this trip your trip of a lifetime.

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Journey Soulo believes that one key to happiness is personal growth. Our favorite way to grow is through the wonders and challenges of independent travel. Each time we challenge ourselves we grow a little bit more. Think about it.

Traipsing down an unfamiliar street looking for the perfect place to order a glass of wine can be empowering – especially if you order in French. Haggling with an Italian street vendor over a trinket can be thrilling – even more so if he shoos you away in mock outrage at your success. Independent travel is overflowing with opportunities for personal growth!

Soulo is a unique travel company designed for individuals who desire to experience the joys, challenges, thrills, and transformation that solo travel offers, but who are hesitant to navigate the solo travel terrain. Soulo provides YOU, the journeyer, support services that give peace-of-mind and security, as well as encouragement to step outside your comfort zone and experience the little moments that bring big change to your life.


Kristine & Toni 

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Soulo has created self-guided Mini Missions to address the most common travel concerns, such as getting around, exchanging money, and meeting new people.  Mini Missions on our trips are designed specifically for your destination. However, we’ve also created some Mini Missions that are suitable anywhere! Soulo has designed a comprehensive online course designed to assist you in becoming the confident traveler you’ve always wanted to be. TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE & COURAGE. Sign up today for this supportive and fun course. By the time you are through, wild horse won’t be able to keep you from booking the trip of your dreams!
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A Journey is an experience during which Soulo Staff provide independent travelers, like you, with the tools and resources needed to safely and confidently explore their destination. Standard Journeys are trips that you take on your own schedule. You also select your own accommodations. You can choose to travel alone or with a friend. Soulo’s local staff will provide one-on-one support services for your trip, no matter how long you stay. Deluxe Journeys are trips with dates and accommodations carefully chosen by Soulo staff. Each journey lasts 5 days to three weeks per destination. As always, you can choose to travel alone or with a friend. Book a single Journey, such as Paris or Rome, or link multiple Journeys together, such as Rome, Florence, and Venice. There is a community aspect to a deluxe trip that you can take advantage of if you care to. Even better, Kristine and Toni go on these trips too!
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If You Want… Then Do This…
Great free resources on independent travel…Inspiration from experienced travelers… Check out all the amazing resources we have in our Blog and Video Section
Specific ways to boost your confidence while traveling…Self-guided exercises to improve your travel skills… Download Mini-Missions for Free!
To seriously knock it out of the park in the confidence department…Hands-on, comprehensive, step-by-step guidance on everything from facing your fears to travel planning logistics… Sign up for our online course “Travel with Confidence and Courage.”
The support services that Soulo offers but a) cannot travel when we’re traveling, b) want to choose your own accommodations, or c) want to embrace being solo… Contact us about booking a Standard Journey in Paris
To experience France or Italy with Toni & Kristine AND meet fellow travelers on the same journey as you AND take advantage of the amazing support services offered by Journey Soulo… Contact Us about booking a Deluxe Journey in Paris, Rome, Florence, or Venice

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What You Want Journey Soulo Group Travel On Your Own
Visit two of the most exciting and popular countries in Europe YES YES YES
Freedom to do what you want…when you want YES NO YES
Assistance planning your itinerary YES YES NO
Get to know the local neighborhood and its people YES NO MAYBE
Stay in well chosen accommodations YES MAYBE MAYBE
Receive travel service tailored specially for you YES NO NO
Receive detailed information about your new environment YES MAYBE NO
Take a “how-to” walking tour YES NO NO
Overcome your biggest traveling challenges in a fun and unique way YES NO MAYBE
Receive personal, individualized support YES NO NO
Learn how to travel internationally on your own YES NO NO
Experience personal growth and transformation YES!! MAYBE YES

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One more thing

We want to hear your stories!

We’re interested in hearing from fellow travelers and travelers-to-be about challenges overcome, interesting people met, funny encounters and more!

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Dream big. Travel bigger.

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